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My husband and I don't always agree on everything, but as far as Lisa Cooper is concerned, we agree 100% -  she is the best massage therapist we have ever gone to (and we have gone to quite a few).  She zeros in on any muscle that is causing you pain - UNBELIEVABLE!!!  Not only that, but she is extremely nice and caring.  We highly recommend her services!!!
George and Vaughan Rutkowski

“Lisa is just a very honest, straightforward person. She is very ethical and professional.  I’m not one that refers people frequently in any type of business. They’ve got to be darn good, and I tell you what, I give high marks to Lisa. I have no problem recommending her to anybody.  Lisa is the best (massage therapist) I’ve ever had. There’s no question about it; Lisa is the complete package.” -
Doug Roof

"I'm a client of Tina's and a nasal pharyngeal carcinoma survivor with myriad head and neck problems due to the radiation I received in 1974.  I've seen probably over 30 massage therapists over the years, but few as effective at relieving the trigger points and tension in my neck and shoulders as Tina.
I live in Austin Texas but during a family crisis earlier this year, spent 2+ months in Richfield. Tina was a life saver during those months and I make it a practice to see Tina whenever I come back to Ohio. Her work on my scalene, occipitals and rotator cuff  (I asked her specifically what she works on) helped me relieve the tension there and I can only hope to find someone as effective in Austin."  P.B.

" I have had therapeutic massages all over the world and at some of the most posh internationally known spas. By far Lisa Cooper is the BEST therapist I have ever utilized.
Her skills are so well defined, that during therapy sessions, she will find areas that are causing me discomfort without me giving her direction. Lisa is a true professional with unmatched abilities and results."
Ken E. Mack FACHE

"Just wanted to thank you both for your help with Kat.  Although her crazy schedule probably shortened the time available to work with her, she ran well at the Nike Regional, and the team was 5th at Nike cross nationals last weekend in Portland OR."

"Her feet were much improved.  The course was so muddy that many competitors lost shoes.   Kat lost the first one – looked like the chip sawed through the lace, clean cut – and lost the second in the mud before 2000 M.   She ran 19:20 5k in socks for 2/3 of the race in 29 degree temp through water, mud, hills etc. slipping and sliding all over.  Who knows what she could have run if she’d kept her spikes.   I doubt she could have tolerated that without your help."
Todd S.

“Lisa is the only person who has helped me so far. She is good at what she does; she’s a caring person,” said client Neil Evans.

“Lisa is very sympathetic and understanding. I always come out of (the massage) feeling wonderful,” confirmed L.R..

“(The doctors) told me they couldn’t believe I had the range of motion I had, and I know it was all because of what Lisa has been able to do for me,” said client D. Gaugh, who suffers from an arthritic shoulder. “She understands the muscle structure and the nerve structure.”

M. Tustin said, “Lisa Cooper is a top-flight massage therapist. Lisa’s understanding of the physical body with her kind and caring attitude is a great formula for stress reduction. I would recommend her highly to anyone.”

“She’s got a gift for knowing if there’s an issue with your muscles or your body, and she’ll know how to fix it,” J. Tustin said. “You’re not just a customer. Lisa cares about you as a person.  It’s not worth going to anybody else. You need to go to Lisa because she is the best.” – J. Tustin

“Lisa selects high-quality, beneficial massage oils to complement the treatment,” said chemical engineer and client E. Koronich. “She has a gentle, but firm touch that is very much in tune with my needs. I highly recommend her to everyone.”

                                                               Thank you.